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Fursafe Emergency Dog Bite First Aid Kit

Fursafe Emergency Dog Bite First Aid Kit

SKU: DB001

Over 100,000 people are bitten by dogs every year in Australia! 1.8million in the US!!


If you or a member of your family is bitten.... have the peace of mind that you have a first aid kit specifically developed to respond to the serious and life threatening injury a bite can inflict.


The Fursafe Emergency Dog Bite Kit has been designed for the management of dog bite injuries to both humans and dogs.


  1. Dogs can be bitten by strange dogs when out walking;
  2. Owners are bitten by an aggressive dog whilst walking in order to protect their own dog;
  3. Children can be bitten by their own or a friends dog unexpectedly;
  4. Parents are bitten when protecting their children from an aggressive dog;
  5. Parents/Dog owners are bitten when managing their ill or injured dog;
  6. and the list of potential reasons goes on!!!



2 x Chlorhexidine 30ml

Micropore tape 2.5cm

Cohesive bandage 5.5cm x 4m

Triangular bandage

2 x Non adherent bandage

1 x 3pk Gauze

2 x pairs of Nitrile Gloves

1 x Elastic crepe bandage 7.5cm x 5m

1 x Wound bandage #13 sml

1 x Wound bandage #14 med

1 x Wound bandage #15 large

1 x Scissors

1 x Emergency Blanket

Veterinary Contact Card (call 000 for human family members)

Instruction card


Fursafe products are designed and developed to preserve life! Reduce the risk of life threatening or disabiling infection; reduce the risk of uncontrollable bleeding; and assist in advanced life saving medical response.


    Thank you for purchasing from Fursafe; we hope that you are happy with your chosen product/s. If, however, your delivery is damaged during the shipping process, please email so that we can action with the shipping company.

    Any products purchased from Fursafe may be returned and refunded if the product does not meet the expectation of use under Australian Consumer Law within 30 days of receipt.

    Where an item within a kit is found to be damaged and/or does not function that individual item may be returned and replaced.

    Fursafe does not refund the purchase due to a purchaser changing their mind.

    All damaged or items which do not function must be returned before the refund can be finalised within 6 months of receipt.

    Please ensure that all items from Fursafe are kept out of reach of children at all times.

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