Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Bundle

Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Bundle


Vet Sample only

1 x Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Guide

1 x Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Kit


    A guide which helps dog owners preserve the life of their pup after experiencing a life threatening injury or illness. Plus Bonus 'VetNote' note pad

    a Guide so that your client can stabilise their pup so that you can get to the Vet!

    Contents includes

    Emergency contacts, Pet details, Emergency Dog First Aid Kit contents, Primary assessment, Artificial respiration, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Vital signs, Secondary assessment, Restraining an injured dog, Transportation to Vet, Allergic Shock / Anaphylactic Shock, Amputation, Bleeding (severe), Bloat / GDV, Burns (severe), Cane toad poisoning, Chemical poisoning, Choking / blocked airway, Collapse (acute), Dog bite trauma, Dyspnoea / breathing difficulties, Electric shock, Eye injuries / Proptosis, Fall from heights, Fractures, Frostbite / Ischemic necrosis, Gastroenteritis (vomiting / diarrhoea), Heat stroke / hyperthermia, Hypothermia (severe), Near drowning / submersion syndrome, Penetrating injury / embedded object, Seizures (severe), Shock (critical), Snake bite (venomous), Spider bite (venomous), Spinal injury, Tick paralysis, Vehicle trauma, Wild dog bait poisoning, Wound management


    Q. Why should you have an Emergency Dog First Aid Kit?

    A. Because, a dog who is seriously injured may only have moments to live, and the only person who can help them in that moment, is YOU.

    A Vet, whether next door or down the road, is still too far away for a dog who is bleeding to death; choking; who has stopped breathing; or who's heart has stopped beating. A Vet Ambulance can take 45 minutes. Getting to a 24 hour Vet may be more than 30-45 minutes. 

    Our kit is so comprehensive that it will assist you in stabilising your dog so that you can get to the Vet. Veterinarians will tell you, that if you do not stabilise your dog, e.g. stop them haemorraghing, help the dog breathe or treat for shock, they may not be able to save your dog. Sad but true.

    • This kit will mitigate the risk of life-threatening infection;
    • Help your dog by administering life-saving rescue breaths;
    • Stabilise fractured legs;
    • Control haemorraghing;
    • Monitor for Heat Stroke;
    • Respond to baiting;
    • Deal with a choking dog;
    • Manage eye wounds;
    • Treat for Shock

    So; if you love your dog, and believe that you must do whatever it takes, to preserve the life of your dog after an emergency, so that you can get them to the Vet, then this kit is for you!

    If you

    • Live on a farm
    • Work in security services with working dogs
    • Take your dog caravanning or camping
    • Take them hiking or boating
    • Have a house dog who has access to the back yard; or
    • Enjoy Agility sports

    Then this kit is for you.

    This kit is able to fit into most glove compartments; in all back packs; handbags and even has belt attachments!

    If you buy/download our Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Guide/eBook you do not even have to have attended emergency dog first aid training in order to be your dog's Superhero! 

    FURSAFE are manufacturers of the Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Kit and Guide to the Veterinary Industry. No where else in the world will you find a kit, like the Fursafe kit!

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