Sanitisation PPE and CPR Kit

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Products with Hand Sanitiser are delivered by road only as per Australia Post Dangerous Goods Policy


The Standard CPR Kit has been designed for those who have had NO or little training in CPR.


You don't have to use this kit just for resuscitation, you can also use the isolation PPE for cleaning the room and bathroom of the isolated family member or simply sit with them whilst waiting for the Ambulance to arrive.  It is however recommended that you consider purchasing the Bulk PPE Kit to use for general use and save the Standard CPR kit for resuscitation.


This is the go-to kit, to provide you, the carer, with PPE for isolation against the virus during resuscitation so that you can do whatever it takes to stabilise or preserve life whilst awaiting for Advanced Life Support to arrive.


You will receive an instruction card on how to manage the PPE and undertake the CPR safely.


There is a real possibility that Emergency Services will take longer than usual to respond to your call for help and it will only get worse as the Influenza season comes upon us. It is for this reason that FURSAFE has designed a kit that will hopefully bridge the gap between the in-home crises to getting to hospital.


This kit is for you if a family members health is either impacted by COVID 19 or experiences other adverse health conditions in the home.





    All products in this range are disposable, they may only be used once.

    20 pairs of Nitrile Gloves, request Medium or Large

    20 x Face Masks

    2 x Safety Glasses

    1 x CPR Face Shield

    4 x Isolation Gown, Knitted cuff, one size fits all

    4 x Bouffant Cap

    1 x Biohazard Waste Bag

    4 x 50ml bottles of Hand Sanitiser 80%


    All products in our PPE & CPR Kits are put through strict quality control measures to ensure that no product leaves the warehouse in poor condition.

    All products have images taken prior to dispatch to ensure that, where damage occurs during distribution, we can follow it back to the shipping company.

    Please call if you wish to discuss further.


    Cleveland Qld In-store pick up is welcome; arrangements are negotiated pre pick up.

    We ship all over Australia.


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