About Us


FURSAFE Founder Joanne Bibby

is the Author of Canine Emergency; the Inventor of the pocket size disposable canine CPR mask and the creator of FURSAFE Product Range. She is a 40 year veteran in animal husbandry, pet care, pet first aid and 20 years in occupational health & safety, emergency preparedness and response, first aid and training.

Joanne's love of animals and her love of safety is reflected in all that she does and all that she aspires to achieve.

Joanne believes in the fundamentals of excellence, in; quality, customer service, honesty, reliability and integrity.


She is motivated by a life of service to supporting the disadvantaged elderly, return service veterans from all emergency service streams whose lives have been affected by PTSD and supporting non profit or small to medium size pet businesses.

'If I can, then I must'
Abraham Maslow