Choking and your Dog


Dog unable to breathe due to an airway blockage or obstruction.


A foreign object gets stuck in a dog’s throat or has an object wrapped around the neck of a dog.

Safety precautions

As dog owners, we must learn what hazards exist, and then isolate the dog from those hazards. This can be achieved by not leaving the hazard around; don’t allow our dogs to continue chewing something hazardous; and teach them to ‘leave it’ or ‘drop it’.

Choking Hazards

A woman, while out on a walk ages ago, asked me if my Silky chewed tea towels, bedding and shoes like her Silky did; I responded smugly that oh no, my Silky doesn’t do anything like that!! Then out of the blue Izzy began chewing plastic! From cellophane to plastic bags to ice cream containers and storage containers; all things which could have ended in disaster. That smug look off my face was wiped off that’s for sure!

The fact is that all dogs are at risk of choking; why? because they use their mouths to learn, investigate, play with and decide if the tempting item tastes good.

Hazards to be aware of, but not limited to:

  • Dog treats which can break into large pieces

  • Dogs eating too fast on large pieces of food

  • Feeding small dog’s large pieces of food