Penetrating Trauma and your Dog

Penetrating trauma is when an object pierces the skin, enters the dog’s body, and creates an open wound; damaging the underlying tissue.


Some ways in which a dog can experience a penetrating trauma is through:

  • vehicle trauma – being hit and thrown into fencing, steel rods, star pickets

  • hunting accident – being shot by a rifle, gun or arrow

  • animal attack – being bitten by another dog, a cat or a feral animal

  • physical violence – for example a knife attack

  • playtime trauma – such as running into a sharp object, running with a stick

The object may become embedded in the dog’s body, if this occurs you must never attempt to remove it; if you do, you may cause further internal trauma.

Safety precautions

Penetrating trauma can be a consequence to so many situations that it is difficult to set a simple set of safety precautions, however in line with the above causes mentioned, the following may assist in mitigating the risk of your dog being injured or fatally wounded by a penetrating trauma:

  1. Protected your dog from traffic or vehicles in general;

  2. Never take a domestic dog hunting with you or into known hunting locations;

  3. Learn to read the signs when new or strange animals are telling you or your dog to back off;