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Dog Bite Safety and First Aid Guide eBook

Dog Bite Safety and First Aid Guide eBook

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We all love our dogs and the joy they can bring into our lives. For many of us, our dog is much more than a pet. They are members of the family. We grow up with dogs in our home, and many young children grow up with a dog alongside them as they go through many challenges in life.


It’s a long journey, and having someone by your side as you go through different stages of life, can be a huge comfort. For people that have had dogs, looking back, and trying to imagine life without them would be almost impossible.


Dogs make up a large part of our lives, and it’s been that way for hundreds of years.

Regardless of how your day or week has gone, coming home to a dog that’s happy to see you can instantly change your outlook and increase your happiness.


Something to consider though is that with the good there often comes the 'bad' and the reality is that dogs have very sharp teeth and they are capable of hurting each other, strangers and even those who love them.


As Health and Safety Specialists to the Pet Industry, FURSAFE® advocates transparency and education in what dog's can potentially do if frightened, ill or hurt. We believe that your safety is paramount.


Ignoring the fact that dogs can bite is like saying cats don't scratch, when we all know some do, whether accidently or deliberately! It is our place to say to you, yes they can, and here is what you can do to stay safe or respond if you are injured from a bite or attack.


In the following book, we’ll be taking a closer look at everything you need to know about dog bites and dog attacks, including:


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Dog Bite Statistics

Chapter 2 – Facts About Dog Bites – Who Is At Risk?

Chapter 3 – Why Does A Dog Attack?

Chapter 4 – Dog Bite Prevention

Chapter 5 – Dog Bite Injury

Chapter 6 – Dog Bite First Aid for Children, Adults, and Dogs

and Conclusion

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