Eye Injuries and your Dog

Eye injuries can stem from mild irritation, caused by, for example, allergies; dust; and dirt; to acute trauma, like puncture wounds and ocular proptosis.

This article focuses on acute trauma to the eye. A trauma so devestating to the eye there is the possibility of permanent disability.

They are:

  • Ocular proptosis - the globe is trapped in front of the eye lids, bulging, or pops out;

  • Penetrating injury – foreign object penetrates or punctures the eye;

  • Impact trauma – car accident, physical violence, fall from heights.


The following are just a few examples of how your dog’s eye could experience acute trauma:

  • Physical abuse trauma;

  • Vehicle / farming plant trauma;

  • Fall from height;

  • Dog fight;

  • Hunting incident;

  • Running through vegetation; and

  • Flying debris.

Unfortunately, trauma such as the above can be as a consequence of incredible force or impact and can therefore pose a real life-threatening risk to your dog, and the management of these life-threatening injuries will be required in addition to the management of the eye.

There are breeds which are quite susceptible to ocular proptosis and so even an inci