Fall from Heights and your Dog

The term fall from heights conjures up a dog falling from a multi-story building, and so you probably think it has no relevance to you, however, did you know that a fall from a lounge suite can be classified as a fall from heights.

A fall from height is where a dog falls from one level to another without control, and in turn, sustains an injury.

An injury which may be minor or so severe that it could be life-threatening.

A fall can be as a consequence of something as simple as a

  • stumble when walking; or

  • being dropped accidentally or deliberately; or

  • trips off an edge like a gutter

  • falls or slips down stairs; or

  • slips down a hill; or

  • falls off furniture or

  • falls off a ledge; or

  • falling out of a window; or

  • falls in a ditch; or

  • off the back of a car; or

  • out of the car when moving; or

  • from falling off agility equipment; or

  • falls from a height after a collision with a moving vehicle;

to name but a few.

impact of a fall

Only the other day Isabeau, my silky terrier, stood like a meercat on the edge of the bed trying to look out the window; lost her balance and toppled to the floor; fortunately, the only thing she hurt was her pride!