Fractures and your Dog

A break in one or more bones of the dog’s skeletal system is called a fracture, for example the limbs, joints, hips, pelvis, head, jaw, ribcage; essentially where a bone exists there is risk of fracture if the following incidences occur:

1. Impact trauma

  • vehicle accident

  • fall from height

  • crushed by being driven over

  • firearms

2. Physical trauma

  • kicking / beating

  • dog fight

3. Medical condition

  • tumors

  • bone disorders which can be caused by poor nutrition, vitamin deficiency; or

  • other underlying diseases

The most common of all fractures to dogs is to the long bone (femur); located between the hip and the knee joint. Approximately 45% femoral fracture compared to 26% tibial fracture. 3 out of 4 small animals experience a long bone fracture in the hind limb 1.

types of fractures

“The shape and severity of the fracture depends on the force and type of the trauma”2