Spider Bite and your Dog

SE Qld’s spiders to look out for:

  • Red Back

  • White tailed spider

  • Toowoomba Funnel-Web

  • Toowoomba Trapdoor spider

  • Orb spiders

  • Giant Grey Huntsman

  • Tube Trapdoor

  • Eastern Mouse spider

  • 2 x False Funnel-web spiders

To name but a few!

In SE Qld there is a recorded 53 spider species and what is alarming to me is that I calculated 21 of them with a venom toxicity level of ‘uncertain’ and 6 where the toxicity level is ‘unknown’1.

The information regarding the above spiders with their combined total of 424 legs!! is a bit short on their impact to dogs, however if there are 27 species where no one knows their toxicity level and 10 with a known level of toxicity, one might surmise that one of these little arachnids could upset the lives of our dogs.

“If the Veterinarian community informs us there is a list of signs and symptoms that could arise after a spider bite, then this says to me that a risk exists and that my dog could become gravely ill if bitten by the wrong spider”.

Spiders will generally run off after they bite their prey, so you won’t necessarily know if the spider that bit your dog was a dangerous one. My point is to not get too caught up on which spider bit your dog but to arm yourself as dog owners on how best to manage the adverse reactions from a bite.