Tick Paralysis and your Dog


Ixodes Holocyclus! The Paralysis Tick. A tick which may prove fatal to your dog if not found, removed and then treated by a Veterinarian urgently.

Paralysis tick season generally runs from Spring into late Autumn1, however, in Queensland our warm temperatures and humidity can mean that tick season is pretty much all year round; so, we, as dog owners and breeders, must never be complacent when it comes to implementing paralysis tick safety measures.

Taking time to try and identify a tick which has burrowed into your dog’s skin unnecessary.

Our goal should be simple: remove any and all ticks found, regardless of the type; and get to the Vet.


The tick attaches to the skin and feeds on your dog’s blood, all while excreting a neurotoxin from their saliva.

If left untreated, this neurotoxin will cause paralysis of muscles which are responsible for breathing2

Tick parasites will attach where ever they can; generally, they will be found at the head and neck area, however you may find them in between toes, inside the mouth and/or around the anus.

are they in your area?

If you live on the east coast of Australia and/or if you are near bushland or have lots of vegetation or long grasses then the answer is probably yes.

safety precautions