Canine Emergency First Aid Guide

Canine Emergency First Aid Guide

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You never need to worry about not being able to find your dog first aid book at that critical moment because 'This Puppy Lives on the Fridge'! 

Canine Emergency is great for all dog owners, even those who have never attended a dog first aid course.


Canine Emergency is a straight talking guide to help you as the dog owner or your pet sitter, at a time of enormous stress, stabilize your seriously injured / ill dog for the trip to the Vet. 


  • It is an A5 size book which magnetizes to your refrigerator;
  • 31 dog specific Emergency First Aid Guides broken into Signs & Symptoms and Action.
  • The pvc cover is resistant to mud and water if you have to place on the ground;
  • It opens up flat so it wont be a struggle to keep open;
  • Its written with easy to follow language; and
  • It is a photo album of amazing dog pics
  • Emergency Contact List
  • Pet Details Information Sheet
  • First Aid Contents List


Topics the book covers are: Emergency Management plus Allergic Shock, Amputation, Severe Bleeding, Bloat, Burns, Cane Toad Poisoning, Chemical Poisoning, Choking, Collapse, Dog Bite Trauma, Breathing Difficulties, Electric Shock, Eye Injuries, Fall from Heights, Fractures, Frostbite, Gastroenteritis, Heat Stroke, Hypothermia, Near Drowning, Penetrating Injury, Seizures, Shock, Snake Bite, Spider Bite, Spinal Injury, Tick Paralysis, Vehicle Trauma, Wound Management


You will receive a FREE Vet Note note pad which sits nicely beside Canine Emergency



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