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Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Kit - Standard

Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Kit - Standard



Q. Why should you have an Emergency Dog First Aid Kit?

A. Because, a dog who is seriously injured may only have moments to live, and the only person who can help them in that moment, is YOU.


A Vet, whether next door or down the road, is still too far away for a dog who is bleeding to death; choking; who has stopped breathing; or who's heart has stopped beating. A Vet Ambulance can take 45 minutes. Getting to a 24 hour Vet may be more than 30-45 minutes. 


Our kit is so comprehensive that it will assist you in stabilising your dog so that you can get to the Vet. Veterinarians will tell you, that if you do not stabilise your dog, e.g. stop them haemorraghing, help the dog breathe or treat for shock, they may not be able to save your dog. Sad but true.


  • This kit will mitigate the risk of life-threatening infection;
  • Help your dog by administering life-saving rescue breaths;
  • Stabilise fractured legs;
  • Control haemorraghing;
  • Monitor for Heat Stroke;
  • Respond to baiting;
  • Deal with a choking dog;
  • Manage eye wounds;
  • Treat for Shock


So; if you love your dog, and believe that you must do whatever it takes, to preserve the life of your dog after an emergency, so that you can get them to the Vet, then this kit is for you!


If you

  • Live on a farm
  • Work in security services with working dogs
  • Take your dog caravanning or camping
  • Take them hiking or boating
  • Have a house dog who has access to the back yard; or
  • Enjoy Agility sports


Then this kit is for you.


This kit is able to fit into most glove compartments; in all back packs; handbags and even has belt attachments!


If you buy/download our Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Guide/eBook you do not even have to have attended emergency dog first aid training in order to be your dog's Superhero! 


FURSAFE are manufacturers of the Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Kit and Guide to the Veterinary Industry. No where else in the world will you find a kit, like the Fursafe kit!


Buy today!


This kit is worth over $230.00 and you also receive a bonus FURSAFE cooling towel!!!!!!!!




    This kit contains:

    1 x 7.5cm x 4M Elastic cotton crepe bandage
    1 x Small donut bandage
    1 x Medium donut bandage
    1 x Disposable Diagnostic penlight, batteries not included
    1 x Flexible Digital Thermometer
    2 x Lubricant gel
    2 x 10cm x 10cm Non-adherent dressing
    3 x Sterile gauze swabs
    1 x Shears
    1 x Plastic Tick Twister set (2)
    1 x 22cm x 11cm Foam splint
    1 x Emergency whistle
    2 x 5cm x 4.5M Cohesive bandage
    1 x 2.5cm x 5M Non-woven paper tape
    2 x 15ml Saline wash
    1 x 10cm x 4.5M Premium snake bite bandage with indicator
    1 x Emergency thermal blanket
    1 x Disposable CPR face shield
    1 x #13 Small Wound dressing
    1 x #14 Medium Wound dressing
    1 x #15 Large Wound dressing
    2 pairs of Nitrile powder free gloves
    1 x Plastic forceps
    1 x 50ml hand sanitiser
    2 x Wooden tongue depressors
    1 x 10cm x 10cm Burn Sheet
    3 x amputated parts bags (3 different sizes)
    5g x Soda Crystals to assist vomiting for PAPP and 1080 poisoning
    1 x Medium Ice Pack

    Bonus  Fursafe Cooling Towel


    Buy today and be your Dog's Superhero!!


    Choose RETAIL SHIPPING on check out. Flat Rate Shipping to Australia $15.00

    Worldwide shipping now available; based on 1kg for 1 kit. Wix checkout will advise shipping cost.



    Thank you for purchasing from Fursafe; we hope that you are happy with your chosen product/s. If, however, your delivery is damaged during the shipping process, please email so that we can action with the shipping company.

    Any products purchased from Fursafe may be returned and refunded if the product does not meet the expectation of use under Australian Consumer Law within 30 days of receipt.

    Where an item within a kit is found to be damaged and/or does not function that individual item may be returned and replaced.

    Fursafe does not refund the purchase due to a purchaser changing their mind.

    All damaged or items which do not function must be returned before the refund can be finalised within 6 months of receipt.

    Please ensure that all items from Fursafe are kept out of reach of children at all times.

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