Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Guide eBook

Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Guide eBook


Our best selling product can be now purchased as an ebook for those who prefer immediate access and referral. Imagine having this guide, on your mobile device, no matter where in the world you are!


The Fursafe Emergency Dog First Aid Guide is now an interactive pdf ebook which helps dog owners preserve the life of their pup after experiencing a life threatening injury or illness so that you can before leaving for the Vet surgery, stabilise your pup, protect your pup from further pain and potential additional life threatening infection.


You will be able to access links on table of contents to move about the ebook and where page references appear throughout you can click on it and be immediately taken to that referred page.


This ebook can be viewed on desktop and other mobile devices. If you are a Kindle or eReader viewer please let me know and we will arrange this for you.


Contents includes

Emergency contacts, Pet details, Emergency Dog First Aid Kit contents, Primary assessment, Artificial respiration, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Vital signs, Secondary assessment, Restraining an injured dog, Transportation to Vet,

Allergic Shock / Anaphylactic Shock, Amputation, Bleeding (severe), Bloat / GDV, Burns (severe), Cane toad poisoning, Chemical poisoning, Choking / blocked airway, Collapse (acute), Dog bite trauma, Dyspnoea / breathing difficulties, Electric shock, Eye injuries / Proptosis, Fall from heights, Fractures, Frostbite / Ischemic necrosis, Gastroenteritis (vomiting / diarrhoea), Heat stroke / hyperthermia, Hypothermia (severe), Near drowning / submersion syndrome, Penetrating injury / embedded object, Seizures (severe)

Shock (critical), Snake bite (venomous), Spider bite (venomous), Spinal injury, Tick paralysis, Vehicle trauma, Wild dog bait poisoning, Wound management


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