Fursafe Emergency Dog Heat Relief Kit for Dogs

Fursafe Emergency Dog Heat Relief Kit for Dogs


Heat Stress is a killer for dogs; it is as simple as that.

At Fursafe we believe the greatest priority is PREVENTION! and this kit will assist you in achieving this goal, however if your dog begins to demonstrate the signs of heat stress then you must respond URGENTLY.

You must ACT immediately and then continue the emergency first aid response as you make your way to the Vet.




    The Fursafe Heat Relief Kit contains:

    2 x Cooling towels

    1 x Electrolyte

    1 x Flexible Digital Thermometer

    2 x 3g Lubricant

    1 x 240g Instant Ice Pack

    1 x Instant Ice Pack Cover

    I x Emergency Blanket which can be used to create shade or to respond to shock and / or hypothermia

    1 x Water bottle which is used to wet the cooling towels or filling electrolyte

    1 x Water bowl