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Fursafe Emergency Dog Heat Relief Kit

Fursafe Emergency Dog Heat Relief Kit


Heat Stress is a killer for dogs; it is as simple as that.

At Fursafe we believe the greatest priority is PREVENTION!

Protect your dog from heat related illness'; check out our resources page for the article on heat stress (Dog's Queensland Dog World Magazine); it will provide you with the necessary safety precautions to achieve this.


The Fursafe Emergency Dog Heat Relief Kit will assist you in PREVENTION and RESPONSE to heat stress. Enclosed in this kit are instructions on the necessary steps for response.


You must ACT immediately whenever a dog exhibits signs and symptoms of heat related illness'; ensure you provide emergency first aid until you reach the Vet.


    The Fursafe Heat Relief Kit contains:

    2 x Cooling towels

    2 x Electrolyte

    1 x Flexible Digital Thermometer

    2 x 3g Lubricant

    2 x 240g Instant Ice Pack

    2 x Instant Ice Pack Cover

    I x Emergency Blanket which can be used to create shade or to respond to shock and / or hypothermia

    1 x Water bottle which is used to wet the cooling towels or filling electrolyte

    1 x Water bowl



    Thank you for purchasing from Fursafe; we hope that you are happy with your chosen product/s. If, however, your delivery is damaged during the shipping process, please email so that we can action with the shipping company.

    Any products purchased from Fursafe may be returned and refunded if the product does not meet the expectation of use under Australian Consumer Law within 30 days of receipt.

    Where an item within a kit is found to be damaged and/or does not function that individual item may be returned and replaced.

    Fursafe does not refund the purchase due to a purchaser changing their mind.

    All damaged or items which do not function must be returned before the refund can be finalised within 6 months of receipt.

    Please ensure that all items from Fursafe are kept out of reach of children at all times.

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